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Gianna Homes Resident: Darlene’s Story of Faith

Gianna Homes Resident: Darlene's Story of Faith This is Darlene's Story:  Darlene Joan Fretter was born in 1932 in Minneapolis, MN. Although her parents were very poor they shared their wealthy hearts with their two daughters, and much of their extended [...]

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Awakening From Alzheimer’s : Coconut Oil Reverses Alzheimer’s

Awakening From Alzheimer's : Coconut Oil Reverses Alzheimer's! The book Awakening from Alzheimer’s, by Peggy Sarlin, introduces an overwhelming number of holistic approaches to reversing, and in some cases, even curing Alzheimer’s. Gianna Homes would like to introduce you to her [...]

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Adaptive Yoga at Gianna Homes

Adaptive Yoga at Gianna Homes Every other Friday brings a special visitor to Gianna Homes. Deb Whitcomb visits the home to lead our residents in an adaptive yoga program. No need to turn yourself into a pretzel here - Deb [...]

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Gianna Homes Resident: Sandy’s Story

Gianna Homes Resident: Sandy's Story If you ever had the chance to meet my mother you would remember her smile, bright blue eyes and always laughing. My mom Sandra Jean came into this world on February 9th 1943. The youngest [...]

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Surviving The Holidays After a Loved One Has Passed Away

Caregiver Corner: Surviving the Holidays Tips from Brighton Hospice Chaplain, Carolyn O’Bryan Cochran Holidays are among the hardest times for those who have experienced the death of a loved one.  Thanksgiving and holiday decorations are out.  Christmas music is playing everywhere [...]

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