Why Don’t You Sprinkle Some Sage on That Lion’s Mane?

As we delve deeper into our book of review, “Awakening from Alzheimer’s”, we ponder the validity of two claims: Sage sharpens memory. Lion’s Mane is a miracle mushroom.

Sage and Lion’s Mane


So how can an herb and a mushroom improve our brain function and memory? What brain chemicals are they affecting, how much do we need to ingest to get these effects and are there valid studies to back this up?

Sage is medicinal and can improve memory

Sage has been used for CENTURIES


According to Peggy Sarlin’s research, Sage has been used for centuries to improve memory and overall brain function. In recent studies by Nicola Tildesley and Andrew B. Scholey, adults have shown incredible increases in memory function just two hours after taking Sage. They say it works much like the popular Alzheimer’s prescription drug Aricept in that is protects the ever so important chemical messenger acetylcholine.

In Alzheimer’s patients, there is a shortage of this acetylcholine.  By protecting this specific chemical messenger, we protect the brain’s ability to send the chemical messenger back and forth, ergo – increasing memory and brain function.

Lion's Mane is medicinal and can improve memory and cognitive function

Lion’s Mane is a Medicinal Mushroom


As for the so called miracle mushroom, Lion’s Mane, its uses go all the way back to ancient Chinese herbalists. During these times, Lion’s Mane was so prized for its medicinal effects, only the emperor was allowed to indulge. This century’s studies have proven that by ingesting Lion’s Mane, cognitive impairment may improve, along with complete functional independence improvement and a decrease in anxiety and depression.  Scientists have discovered that the reason for these effects is Lion’s Mane’s ability to regenerate brain neurons.

Alzheimer’s Brains have low levels of NGF protein (Nerve Growth Factor). This amazing protein stimulates growth of the cells around it. Unfortunately the Brain’s blood brain barrier will not allow new NGF to enter. If an Alzheimer’s brain could either allow NGF in or produce all new NGF on its own, cell growth would be stimulated and the brain could heal itself. Lion’s Mane contains compounds that not only work their way through the brain’s blood brain barrier, but can also begin stimulating the production of new NGF. Ergo – miracle mushroom!

Lion's Mane is medicinal and can improve memory and cognitive function

A recommended dosage of 500 mg twice per day of Freeze dried Lion’s Mane will cost about (60 day for 60 $) $1.00-$2.00 per day. Explore Here

Sage is medicinal and can improve memory

The recommended dosage of sage in capsule form will cost about the same. Explore Here

So imagine now if you will, the two working together in tandem: Sage and Lion’s Mane, the super hero duo eradicating memory loss all over the globe. So now do you want to sprinkle a bit of Sage on that Lion’s  Mane?