Awakening From Alzheimer’s : Coconut Oil Reverses Alzheimer’s!

The book Awakening from Alzheimer’s, by Peggy Sarlin, introduces an overwhelming number of holistic approaches to reversing, and in some cases, even curing Alzheimer’s. Gianna Homes would like to introduce you to her findings on this topic. This month, we will provide a quick review of chapter two and Dr. Mary Newport’s claim of reversing her husband’s Alzheimer’s with Coconut oil and MCT oil.

She begins talking about the discovery of the liver’s ability to turn coconut oil into ketones. These ketones are fuel for you brain and can increase blood flow and energy levels which may improve memory and cognition.

Can coconut oil reverse Alzheimer's

Dr. Newport studied these affects in her husband who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s at 52 years old. When he began to decline dramatically, she decided there had to be something that would help with his symptoms, even when the only pharmaceuticals dedicated to helping Alzheimer’s patients were not exactly working for him.

She began giving him coconut oil and eventually MCT oil on a daily basis. Dr. Newport reported that in just 37 days, her husband had made incredible progress. After another three years of consuming the oils he was practically back to his old self!

Can coconut oil reverse Alzheimer's

So what are coconut oil and MCT oil? Coconut oil, in its purest form, is the edible oil from a coconut. MCT oil is extracted from Coconut oil. MCT stands for medium chain triglycerides, or medium chain fats. When studied, scientists found that taking MCT oil resulted in faster production of ketones but shorter length of affect. With pure coconut oil, it took longer for increased production of ketones to begin but the affects lasted for a longer duration of time. Because of this, Dr. Newport gave her husband both to get the quickest and longest lasting results.

Can coconut oil reverse Alzheimer's

It is possible to get some of these medium chain fats from eating coconut and/or drinking coconut milk or water? Eating it – yes, which is great news considering all the ways it can be consumed. Drinking coconut water – no, unfortunately there is not coconut oil in coconut water. Drinking coconut milk – yes!

A word from Gianna Homes:


When you first read an account like this, it is easy to get excited about the possibility of an end all cure to Alzheimer’s. But it is very important to know that every Alzheimer’s patient’s journey is unique. The results of using coconut oil or MCT oil to treat the effects of Alzheimer’s in yourself or others will have varying results from person to person. Gianna Homes does not make any claims in support of the effects of consuming coconut oil or MCT oil. This article is purely meant to be an introduction to holistic approaches from the book “Awakening From Alzheimer’s” by Peggy Sarlin.

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