How many of us heard similar words when we were kids? Some of us always had something to say when Mom or Dad was telling us something they felt was important. Some of us listened to Grandma and Grampa (and our parents) with open ears . . . the words went in one ear and flowed out the other! Listening was a strongpoint held by the few among the younger generation. Perhaps it is always that way, but life has changed drastically in 2020.

Now we are truly beginning to see the value of the stories the elders had to share. Those anecdotes of days long gone shine like jewels in the sun. Loved ones are cloistered off for their own good and heartache is felt on both sides. For some of us, those jewels seem out of reach. For others, they are barely within our grasp. We need to do all we can to provide space for those stories and then listen when they speak.

We have the technology to help us on multiple fronts with this endeavor. When we cannot visit face to face with those we love living in assisted living or memory care homes, we can call, and we can do virtual visits. We can ask questions about family history and we can record their answers. Whether we make actual recordings or take notes, we are preserving history. It may only be your little corner of the world with memories of your own family but think of the legacy you are creating with those you love.

Listening to the oldies but goodies, the music of days gone by, and recording the stories they prompt from the elders is good for everyone. Short-term memory may have faded or might be fading away, but long-term memories are often still there, ready to be unearthed. We only need to listen when they speak.

The team members of Gianna Homes often get to hear many of these family stories. We take the time to listen and soak up the wisdom that is so willingly offered. We encourage our families to do the same, especially in this time of history where most things have slowed down. Listening is a gift we give our elders and ourselves.

Gianna Homes provides loving care to each of our residents and those we care for in their homes. We invite you to find out more about us and how we can help your loved ones living with dementia or Alzheimer’s. Call or contact us today.