For months places like Gianna Homes have been quarantined in the interest of keeping residents safe and healthy. These extraordinary times and circumstances both take their toll and at the same time bring out the best and most creative aspects of some of us. We invite you to explore ways to connect with your loved ones and others who may not be as fortunate to have family or friends to boost their spirits. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Snail Mail

While it used to be one of the primary forms of communication, it has gone by the wayside in the wake of modern technology yet, it has many advantages. Sending cards, especially handmade cards is always appropriate. So are letters. It is not so easy to show off an email but passing a cherished card or picture around to friends or to put on display always brings a ray of sunshine.

Consider sending blanket cards for those who do not have anyone to reach out to them. A blanket card can go to anyone and still seem personal. Thinking of you cards, birthday cards, cards to just say hello are always welcome. Be sure to write clearly for aging eyes!

Picture This

Who does not like putting up a picture drawn by little fingers? Children can be so creative, and their imaginations are wonderful. Kids also enjoy doing for others. Keep your children busy and bring joy to a resident at the same time when you ask your kids to make pictures. Older kids could even write a special poem or story to go along with the picture. Residents will feel so blessed no matter what they receive.

Let It Be Known

You may not be able to visit face to face, but you can post a sign in the yard facing the window letting them know you care and are thinking of them. Make it bold and use lettering that is easy to read from a distance. 

Example messages:

You are so loved!

Thinking of you!

Smile today!

Good morning, beautiful!

Have a great day!

Or any message you think may bring joy to residents.

Make a Joyful Noise

Why wait until Christmas to carol? Gather the kids or a group together and volunteer to sing on the patio. You choose the repertoire of songs, show tunes, camp favorites, hymns, or good old rock and roll. You will be surprised how good it will make you feel, and the residents will love it. If you know someone(s) who may be interested in playing an instrument or singing for our residents, we invite you to please pass along our information to them!

Share Your Ideas

You may have ideas of your own, or your children may come up with suggestions. Give us a call. The possibilities are endless. These may be upsetting times, but hope springs eternal and we can all spread a little joy and sunshine. Contact Gianna Homes today.