Making a difference in the lives of others is a noble deed in the best of times and during these days of COVID-19, it is so much more. Being an essential worker during this season, especially in the area of caregiving, takes courage, patience and huge amounts of empathy and caring. Caregiving now is a challenging, yet highly rewarding experience.

More Than Filling a Need

Finding individuals who are willing to take on the challenges of being a caretaker is not an easy task. However, when those people do step forward, the rewards are multiplied in several ways. The people needing care are most often those in the highest risk group for complications with COVID-19. Asymptomatic carriers of the disease can unwittingly wreak havoc in a care facility or endanger a client in their own home. This makes the responsibility for caring for the elderly and infirm huge.

At the same time, lockdown and isolation take its toll on care facility residents. Many do not understand the changes that have taken place, and some have begun to decline as their social networks have been cut off or greatly reduced. 

Dedicated caregivers fill in the gaps. They provide the comfort, companionship and assurance needed. These caretakers get to see what a difference they make in the lives of those they serve. Those they serve benefit from the extra care and compassion they are given by caregivers who understand the complexities and challenges the pandemic has produced.

Trusted Care Makes the Difference

The changes that have occurred since the onset of the COVID-19 crises have affected everyone in one way or another. Loved ones in care facilities and assisted living communities and their families are hit especially hard when in-person visits must be restricted. There is the fear that your loved one’s failing memory will decline further while you are away. There is also the worry of not knowing how your loved one is doing with these changes in procedures. 

Dedicated caretakers do all they can to help residents and clients stay active and healthy. The pandemic has created opportunities for individuals in other jobs to enter the caregiving arena for different reasons. Some have joined the ranks of caregivers because they no longer have a job due to the pandemic. Some have changed careers out of a desire to spend time with a parent or grandparent who otherwise would not be able to see them due to the lockdown. Some have entered the field out of compassion for the elderly and infirm. 

COVID-19 has made significant changes in our lives. Here at Gianna Homes, we do our best to ensure that we provide excellent care for all those who are under our charge. Contact us to find out more about how we serve individuals struggling with memory loss. With residential care and in-home care available, we are here to serve those who need us most.