Nurturing and caring for a loved one with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease can be a rewarding and exhausting task. For some, it becomes a monumental task that cannot be done alone or maybe not at all. Gianna Homes can help. We provide exceptional memory care for individuals both in their own homes and in our residential homes. 

Finding a caring, compassionate environment for a loved one can be a daunting undertaking. We understand that at Gianna Homes. Our mission is to provide care for those with memory illnesses in a manner that is respectful, caring and full of loving-kindness. Our staff is committed to providing the best possible care for those placed in our charge. 

In-Home Care

We realize that some individuals will do much better in their own home environment. For such people, Gianna Homes offers in-home services performed by professionals trained to provide excellent care. Our clients appreciate our attention to detail and the social relationships we strive to build. Social isolation is a genuine issue that can have an adverse impact. Gianna caretakers become friends in addition to being health professionals. 

Our in-home care providers help with everyday tasks, and they make life more enjoyable and interesting with positive interactions. Friendly, personable and committed to providing high-quality care, Gianna Homes In-Home care is a service you can depend on for quality of life experiences in your own home.

Residential Care

When your loved one needs more than in-home care, Gianna Homes has two beautiful residences available. Our dedication to providing our residents with high-quality living is evident in all we have to offer. Our two homes are located in lovely quiet residential neighborhoods. 

Sursum Corda is an elegant rambler-type of home in Minnetonka, while Gladys’ Place is a three-story home equipped with an elevator and located in Plymouth. Both homes provide a peaceful setting for memory care patients.

In both locations, we provide high-quality services and care for memory care patients. Our unique understanding of memory care underscores our commitment to providing exceptional care that meets our residents’ challenges. Preservation of dignity and dedication to meeting our residents’ medical, social and spiritual needs are paramount. With God at the center of what we do and a commitment to nurturing family and friendship, you can trust that your loved one will be truly cared for at Gianna Homes.

Openings Available

Currently, Gianna Homes has openings available for residential and in-home care. We would love the opportunity to show you what Gianna Homes has to offer and discover how we can help make your loved one’s life better. Contact us today and schedule a time for a tour and consultation.