Summer has made its way out, and autumn is upon us. Before you know it, winter will be here with all its blustery, snowy ferocity. Fall is when people close up the cabins, winterize cars, homes, and pull out the warm, fuzzy clothing that will keep us bundled against the cold for the next several months. This autumn is also different from others for many older adults as restrictions due to the pandemic continue. 

Keeping Spirits Up
Autumn colors are beautiful to behold, and at the same time, as days grow shorter and the hours of sunlight decrease, many individuals begin to transition into a hibernation mode. Getting cozy and slowing down as winter moves closer, we prepare for our long winter.  Sometimes though, moods can become depressed, and melancholy can set in. 

When you consider how isolating the past several months have been and may continue to be for so many people, this time of year can be concerning. The good news is some activities can boost spirits and spark joy despite the darkening days and minimal socializing.

Take advantage of your ability to visit loved ones. Even short, restricted visits are welcome and bring great joy to confined individuals. Make the most of virtual visits; you may even want to schedule specific times to meet via one of the many virtual apps available now.  Commit to keeping up face time, whether in person or virtual. Connecting with loved ones makes a huge difference.

Make Your Presence Known
Memory books, mini scrapbooks, and little brag books help those struggling with memory issues. In today’s world, taking pictures and printing them is easier than ever. This technology makes the creation of these little albums simple. You do not even need to create an entire album. A card with a picture of the kids is simple enough to make and even better if the kids decorate it. 

Your loved one may not be able to accompany you on outings or visit for long periods, but you can still keep them in the loop by sharing pictures of daily life as well as special occasions. These homemade treasures also have the added perk of being tangible, unlike email and texts. 

Today’s circumstances call for creative thinking on how to make the best of an unusual situation. At Gianna Homes, we are dedicated to making life as pleasant and beautiful as possible for all our residents. To find out more about us and our commitment to quality of life for memory care patients when you contact us through our website or call to schedule a visit.