Visits can be stressful, guilt-ridden, inconvenient, upsetting, boring, and a myriad of other possible feelings. But breathe. Caring for a loved one doesn’t need to be so difficult. Try these helpful tips to make your next visit more of a joy. 

Prepare Your Visits

Make time in your schedule when your visit will not be rushed. 

Do not expect your loved one to be anyone other than who they are at the time you visit them. 

Perhaps Dad just had a really bad night and isn’t his usual self. Relax, be flexible and accept him in the moment. 

Dementia affects a person’s ability to communicate. Repeating yourself is acceptable. Be open and find new ways to be together. Maybe Mum liked music, and you can hum her a song while you hold her hand. 

Try a prop. You can bring flowers, a muffin (if allowed), an old scrapbook or anything you can talk about during your visit. It doesn’t need to be anything new. Interesting for them could be the same discourse over and over again with your loved one.

When dementia is advanced, and nothing more can be discussed, you can still spend quality time with them. Read Dad the paper. Choose something you would like. Sit with your loved one and read aloud to them. The comfort they receive from you just being with them and engaging with them even when they can’t remember who you are is great. 

Care for Yourself

After your visit, treat yourself to a moment in the park or a nice cup of coffee. Give yourself a chance to process before the demands of life crowd you out.  

Quality Care

Gianna Homes works hard to give your loved one quality care. Should you have any questions about how you can have quality visits with your special loved one in a Gianna Home, call and ask. The experienced staff may have an idea that will help.