Career in Memory Care

Staffing has long been a bright spot for Gianna Homes. Since our beginnings in 1999, we have sought out the best, most creative, and loving staff we can find. Once oriented and trained to our “Gianna way,” many of our staff stay with us for years and years.

What keeps them here?

Many agree – it’s the residents. “They’re like your little family,” says Nasha, a team member since 2014. With our approach to care, staff have time to spend with residents. A team member can get to know each resident’s story, family members, humor and quirks, and develop personal relationships that extend beyond the daily care routine.

Our beautiful, clean homes provide an inspiring space to work. The home environment not only helps the residents feel at peace but is also a gorgeous place to work. Others appreciate the open communication with the management team that seek to support and nurture your skills. Our staff trainings go above and beyond state requirements in order to equip our staff not only for their work at Gianna Homes but for their career, relationships, and life in general. Opportunities are available for full-time staff for educational scholarships as well as a generous benefits package.

Finally, our teamwork approach is key. Everybody helps everyone else out – from washing the dishes to passing medications to leading activities – every person on the floor is active, involved, and willing to lend a hand. We would love to explore if we would be the right fit for you!

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