Memory CareThere are many options available for families on the journey with a loved one with memory loss. What makes Gianna Homes stand out? First and foremost, our loving staff. We schedule our caregivers so that they have the time to get to know residents personally – they develop inside jokes, can give residents opportunities to try things independently, and understand each resident’s life story, preferences, and individual needs.

Both of our houses are suited to the needs of people with dementia but with the soul of a family home. Flourishing gardens and space to walk offer a quiet reprieve. Residents spend their days together in common areas, not isolated in their rooms. Meals are cooked from scratch in the house – all the cues to make our residents feel at home.

Activities play a major role in our care. A board-certified music therapist, affectionately called the “Cruise Director” by many families, offers a balance of active and passive activities that are suited to the individual residents’ preferences. Outings, chapel services, nail salon sessions, music therapy groups, massage therapy, one-on-one time, walks, use of essential oils, puzzles… all programmed throughout the week to meet all of our residents’ wellness needs – body, mind, and spirit.

Finally, our competent nursing team partners with families to make the inevitable changes that occur with dementia more manageable and comfortable for our residents. Our Director of Nursing and Nurse Case Manager bring their dementia care expertise alongside the insights of the family to provide the best possible care. Here at Gianna Homes, our devoted caregivers, beautiful homes, activities, and medical expertise provide families and their loved ones peace of mind throughout the journey of dementia.

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