Isn’t it strange and wonderful how the Christmas season somehow brings a sense of goodwill to so many people? It’s over and done with now, and the abundance of those kind acts may soon fade away as people settle back into life as usual. But what if kindness were practiced on a regular basis? It could change the world as we know it!


Intentional Acts of Kindness

Random acts of kindness are wonderful, unexpected perks in a person’s day. They are often spontaneous for the giver and receiver. Intentional acts of kindness, on the other hand, can be determined ahead of time, and they may become routine. These small acts of kindness can be important for caretakers and those being cared for.


An intentional act of kindness may address a certain need that otherwise might go unmet. For example, if you have a loved one who spends hours sitting in a recliner or wheelchair, you might want to check their back to make sure their clothing is smoothed down. Imagine sitting for hours with your sweater bunched up and your lower back exposed. If you can’t straighten it out for yourself, those hours could be miserable. It is a small thing, but to the person affected, it can mean a lot.


Kindness Toward Self

Caretakers are very giving people and often give more than expected. In fact, one of the reasons people go to nursing homes is because their caretaker became ill or died. Caretakers need to take the time to be kind toward themselves. This is critical in being able to provide the best care for someone else. How effective can you be if you are tired and rundown? It may be difficult for you to treat yourself with kindness, intentional or otherwise, but it is a habit you would do well to cultivate. 


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