Illuminating the Darkness: The Impact of Music Therapy on Alzheimer’s and Dementia 

By: McKenna Selissen, MT-BC Life Engagement Coordinator & Music Therapist at Gianna Homes, Minnesota “When words fail, music speaks.”  These powerful words reflect the impact music has on many of us throughout the course of our lives, especially as we [...]

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Staff is trained by Erin Bonito, nationally known expert in Dementia Care

Gianna Homes staff had the awesome opportunity to engage in a day full of learning, laughing, team building and dementia communication development. We were privileged to have Erin Bonito, MS ADC as our “Lead Coach” for the day. Erin is [...]

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Helpful Ideas for Ways to Communicate and Interact with Someone Who Has Alzheimer’s or Dementia

We find that how a person interacts and understands someone who has Dementia is so important. Recognizing different ways you can connect and communicate may help the relationship. Learn more from these suggestions on different ways and opportunities to interact. [...]

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Residents with Dementia at Gianna Homes Create their Own Angels through Mneme Therapy

Dementia Residents Create their Own Angels through Mneme Therapy Earlier this year, our residents who have dementia worked with Mneme therapist, Suzy Volden (, to create beautiful renderings of angels. Mneme therapy ( uses everyday experiences like creating artwork and [...]

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Dementia Residents Find Hope and Strength in Angels Among Us Lyrics

  Gianna Homes has long used music therapy to support our residents and families. Claire Klein is a Board-Certified Music Therapists and serves as the Program Director. She sat with two of our dementia residents to listen to and talk [...]

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