Deciding on a caregiver to move a loved one with a debilitating illness to care outside the home can be incredibly difficult. You may consider residential homes and wonder when the right time is to move to this type of care. Here is everything you need to know about choosing residential homes and when it is the right time to move.

When is the Right Time for Care in Residential Homes?

Moving a loved one to a residential home is a personal decision. There is no universal right time for the move. Whenever you are ready, or circumstances require it is the right time. Many caregivers move their loved ones to residential homes when they need skilled care or have dementia-related behaviors. You may struggle with your own health needs or be unable to find adequate hired home care assistance. If you feel that your physical or mental health may be at risk, it may be the right time to move care to a residential home.  

Steps to Take When Choosing Residential Homes 

It is essential to be proactive when considering residential homes for care. There are steps you can take before moving that can help immensely with your decision-making. First, explore options for care in your community before you experience burnout, or a crisis occurs. Second, have a family meeting to discuss the situation. Are family members able to contribute consistently to caregiving tasks and responsibilities? 

Meet with a counselor or attend a support group to help you choose residential homes. Test out care before deciding. Many facilities allow a respite stay for a week or two to determine if the residential home is the right choice. 

Residential Home Care You Can Trust

Residential homes can help relieve the caregiver burden and provide high-quality medical care for loved ones with special needs. Gianna Homes specializes in care for individuals living with dementia and other memory care issues. Explore our residential homes by contacting us today.