When a loved one develops a form of dementia, it is difficult to know how to handle it. You may find you lose patience quickly with the dementia traits, and this can be very upsetting. You run from them but don’t know why. Getting together may turn out very tense, and a silly argument disrupts your day due to dementia. 

You turn to mom, but mom isn’t mom anymore. She is not the person you have loved for your whole life; Dad doesn’t have all the answers anymore. He is there but not there. There is a sense of betrayal. Let me share a secret. 

One of the saddest things about dementia is that it steals the person they were. Your father can no longer be the person he was, and your mother cannot do what she used to. This is very scary for them. Dementia has stolen their peace. And truth be known, dementia is scary for you too. But this isn’t the last of good times.

Letting Go

The easiest way to solve this, as hard as this is, is to let go. As difficult as it is, mourn your loved ones for who they were. Mom isn’t your mom anymore but an enormously special person you will always love dearly. Dad is no longer there to solve your problems as your dad, but he is still there for you to love and, perhaps on good days, share a laugh. Don’t let dementia win.

Know this; there are secret parts of your loved ones that you never knew and are waiting for you to discover and celebrate. Once you let go of who they were and your expectations, they remain the same as they always have been; you have opened yourself up to precious moments of joy. 

Finding a New Person to Love

Yes, this is sad. You did not sign up for this. But here it is, you have much love to give as your loved one has spent years giving to you. It does not matter if you choose home care or home placement for dementia. You can find that expert, caring help at Gianna Homes. Plus, you can still make time in your schedule to spend time with and love the person they are now. And you will still have memories to make and cherish with your loved one despite dementia. 

Let the experts of Gianna Homes help you with this transition. Have the peace of mind that your loved one is safe while you navigate the rough waters of dementia care.