Imagine yourself in your sunset years. That time is approaching when other people must meet your needs. You may need help getting from place to place. You may need help dressing yourself. You may need help attending to your personal needs. What does that look like? What do you want that to look like? Person-centered care (PCC) is an approach to care that takes into consideration all aspects of a person’s life. 

Person-centered care has specific core characteristics:

  • The person receiving care is respected and valued as a full member of society.
  • Spaces are provided for the unique emotional and physical needs of the individual.
  • The individual’s perspective is understood in all care and activities.
  • The individual’s well-being is supported through appropriate social engagement opportunities.

This approach allows a person to live their best life under all circumstances with respect and dignity. The impact of relationships, physical care and the environment in which the person lives is considered when providing care. In addition, the unique needs and preferences are respected and met if at all possible.

A Better Approach to Long-Term Care

During COVID-19, the ways in which residents and clients receiving long-term care had to be adjusted for safety and health reasons. This put a strain on everyone as we all learned to adapt and change behaviors. Unavoidably, this brought separation that meant that many seniors felt isolated. Some care facilities, like Gianna Homes, worked to reduce those feelings and make the best of the situation. Person-centered care became critical.

Isolation is a detriment to the elderly. Person-centered care helps to minimize the negatives impacting the individual. During the pandemic, caretakers learned ways to provide the interactions and support needed to reduce feelings of isolation as much as possible. 

Moving Forward with What We Learned During the Pandemic 

As we get back to somewhat “normal” living again, the lessons learned during COVID-19 can help inform how we move forward. Valuing the holistic approach to care, working to understand the perspective of those for whom care is provided, and going the extra mile to meet the changing needs of each individual is beneficial for everyone. 

Developing a new ideal for long-term care can significantly benefit the individual and the family. Knowing your loved one is receiving individualized care that provides comfort and satisfaction offers you peace of mind. 

Gianna Homes celebrates the moments of living and provides exceptional memory care for senior citizens. Contact us for more information and to learn of openings.