When things get stressful, both you and your loved one may need a break. Now may be a good time to get in the car and go for a drive to nowhere in particular. It is Fall, the air is crisp, and the colors are beautiful. So, get into the car and go for a drive in search of beautiful things to see. 

Treasure Hunt

Find a route that has glorious scenery. Take advantage of nearby scenic routes. You do not need to drive far from home. Find areas full of colorful foliage or beautiful houses. Drive slow for a change and check out the side streets. You will find some great vistas for your loved one to enjoy and have fun helping you hunt for them. 

Save Fuel

You may find it economical to find a local destination near home where you may safely people-watch. Any place where people gather may be an ideal place to park and watch what people wear and do. Who knows? You may get a laugh or two at what your loved one might say, and they may also find joy.

Bring a throw blanket to keep your loved one warm on a chilly day. You can even pack a lunch and make your drive an event. 

Avoid Sundown

Go early in the day to avoid sundown. Sundowning is when the light recedes, and those with dementia tend to get anxious or upset. Don’t be surprised if your loved one does not want to return home right away and be careful to get home before sunset. 

Christmas Is Coming

If your loved one is not experiencing sundowning and tends to stay up later, they may find an evening drive to search for Christmas lights, uplifting to the spirits. Dress warm and heat the car before heading out on your drive. 

Celebrate Each Moment

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