When a loved one begins to show signs of Alzhiemer’s disease and other types dementia, families can find it difficult to know where to turn. Amid doctor appointments and exams, living with the daily truth of this disease, and the heartache of what might lie ahead, care partners and their loved ones also have to assess what they might need for support and care.

We are just now uncovering the long-term effects of concussions and the links between CTE and dementia. Like people with Alzheimer’s disease, those who have sustained brain injury may require long-term care from welcoming homes like that of Gianna Homes – Sursum Corda and Gladys’ Place and our caring staff. Our upcoming fundraising event – the Risks of the Game Gala – tackles these issues and more with keynote Jordan Leopold, former Minnesota Wild Guard, on Friday, November 4 at the U.S. Bank Vikings Stadium.